12 thoughts on “starry lanterns…

    1. Song! Happy New Year I tried calling you twice! Call me or I will, I was worried! Hope all is well, and Song I hope to make a trip out i swear to see my old friends and you very soon! Oh call me and let me know all is well? Love from A!


  1. Busy day and I never seemed to be able to gather my thoughts. I hoped you might someday visit and thought about where I said I would take you for dinner. I haven’t forgotten that. Or other things I’ve said. Or that visit which was a happy time. Seeing you. Real. As you often put it which I never fully understood. I think the artist can only imbue reality with so much and what is more real than human kindness? The rest is tethered somewhat to expectations and oughts. Passion for instance is generated from creation or co-creation. It lies within our souls as the force for our potential. Passion gives us no rest but misery should we not fulfill our consumate given…Who we are intended to be.
    You see. I believe little else but that. If we are born with wings we are not meant to crawl.


      1. Thank you! It will be great to talk again, get some strength from you. I mean that. O what a mess. But will be okay, I think. Has to be. Getting some really great help too, just this morning & wants to tell you the story — relates to that little white house era.


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