Rosier 2012!

I want it to be.

It starts with this week!  Going to paint on the third and going to a birthday party on the 7th.

And then there is my own birthday, which I want to celebrate too — not sure how yet.

I love to celebrate things, and I do that well for others but not myself so I suppose that is the new lesson for the new year for me!

Going to go out and grab a bite and walk my dog and think about the new year ahead and try to make each week full of promise and happiness and clarity and truth.



ps: going to get a couple of bare root roses to plant as well, and just try and fix a few more things here, like say?  Paint!

I made it through the holidays without my husband and my parents.  I was able to cope because of friends in the web, but now I need to make that more be real life!

Back out into the world!

With my paints!

With friends!


Uranus is in my 5th house now in Pisces — the arts!


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