Cloudfields and Tides, images of mine…

I can’t take the stress.

I can’t.

Since August I have thought there is a way to end the stress by ending myself but, there is life someplace out there — maybe that can be happier.  God, just one day at a time right now.  Yesterday this was the sunset on New Year’s Day.

I am the simplest person.

If only I had not let my husband control everything.

I did, because I was young and dumb.

Why did I hand over the reins to 27 years of my life to someone who never really loved me first?

I don’t know.

Sitting here today, I know there are two ways out.

One is ending myself, the other ending the marriage.

In the meantime, I am trying not to have a heart attack over what he has done.

It’s getting dark and cold.

I’m going to wash the dishes and continue on the house.

I gave him 27 years of my life and I loved him.

I really did.

4 thoughts on “Cloudfields and Tides, images of mine…

      1. Yes I show up at the darndest times, don’t I now?

        Forget the house. Forget the dishes. Go outside. Look at the flowers. You are lucky to have them at this time of the year. Pick one. For yourself. Take a walk. Buy something you want. For yourself. If it’s warm there in Cali, have an ice cream. Pistachio if you can find it.


      2. Uppity! I LOVE YOU SINCE I FIRST READ YOU! thank you for being such a great writer, great knower, wit, and just plain fab. Wishes you the very best in the New Year. This might be a lucky year for me, I hope so. I will follow your advice today & pistachio is right on target! hugs you.


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