For the love of roses, sources! xxoo! <3 #oldgardenroses #fragrance #happiness #flower #rose #gardening #garden #source

I love the oldest roses best, and right now is the time to think about getting a new one.  This is Climbing Peace, a pale yellow, very strong and almost never without a bloom or two all year long in this climate.

I found a new source yesterday!

Scroll around and look at what they have, especially these!

As I think about peace and quiet, to me those things are found in gardens.  Yesterday I watched for birds and a mockingbird was down at the little birdbath I set up.  I set out seed for them, like St. Francis.

The bush tits come to the orange tree in the afternoons.

Anyway, there is nothing like planting new roses.

I haven’t for a very long time.  This year I shall.  My birthday is in a few days, and that is what I plan to get myself — some new bare roots.

My other favorite old source was this one…

Once I went to Watsonville and saw the gardens.

I love the Austin roses, really exquisite…


I think I’d be happiest just designing gardens all around myself right now.  That is maybe what is going to happen.  Planting an orchard is something I have always wanted to do.  Roses I have done forever.  It was the first thing I ever planted on my own.  Land = Quiet.  This is what I am thinking.  And poetic reveries as well.

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