my fave new era —

I loved this poster so I stuck a large tulip with it and changed the colors around.  Today begins a midpoint year, one of those BD’s that ends in a 5 not a zero.

A friend did a reading for me and then I did my own and got this with some other cards — the symbols mean everything when casting — so used this deck which was handy not that they are tarot by a long shot —

In the reading I got the Death card was beneath the significator and the Strength card was above — which was good — because has needed strength to get through this last decade.

So anyway, my own reading carried the Star forward as the signif just to see what would arrive and it all makes sense to me, actually in these cards — outcomes will be love and sun which should be a bit easy, hopefully once traveling again.

The crown was good.

The deer in headlights, past.

The pine and the mountains past.

The arrows of the fates and fortunes future.

I’ve been writing this memoir that contains aspects of three lives of women — my grandmother, my mother and myself — very different lives — my grandmother’s was by far the easiest.

I’m getting out of the loveless place.

Anyway, I want my life to be like my grandmother’s era was in the 20’s when it roared.  This is one of those times when you start thinking about how much time is left?  Dunno never did before?  This year yes.  Remembering relationships, choices, past loves.

This is a year of no mistakes again.

No mistakes in love.

But this is a year when I am going to find love again.

I know that.

It’s probably going to be overseas that I will.  Going to renew my passport!  Going to plan a trip for when the divorce is over.  Likes this!

Dunno, the life I led here is over and I am not attached to this place anymore.

This is a year where one recalls watching The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, and laughs a little, or not.


It’s always worth it, in the end.


13 suitcases… I love the sound of that.  At this age my grandparents were traveling the world, albeit a different world that they moved through than the one we have now.

Europe.  It has the best ring to it.

This is my self-portrait for january 2012 — it’s me!  Taken seven days ago, and colorized — Uranus is now in my 5th house, a good place for the arts… & for me…

6 thoughts on “my fave new era —

  1. Happy Birthday Adrienne! I was here this am at 2 ish to say it. Left the note where the strawberries are! You look wonderful! Love in Europe here you come!


      1. Miss you too Bonnaire. Sooo glad you finally found that I didn’t forget your BD. I read a Maslow quote in a book? But geez. I forgot it before I got home. (out of character pour moi).
        Ps: I added the French to enhance your Euro-theme. Lol


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