Evil personified

I didn’t think that getting a divorce was going to be this hard.  What he has done is evil.  He is cruel and mean.  I don’t even think I can say I knew the man I was involved with for 27 years.  I know this now.  He thought and thinks only of himself.  I was never part of the equation.  Not when I wanted a child.  Not when i wanted to go out and live my life — he never wanted to do anything except what he wanted.  Now?  He is trying to ruin me financially.  Really.  It’s evil.  More evil than anyone can even imagine after 27 years.

After he was fired it was humiliating enough to have to go back in there holding my head up.  I lasted 7 months after that.  Just 7 after twenty years with that company.  I had to sign off my rights as a wife to his pension so that he could take an early retirement at 58.  I was building my practice.  I was trying for career two.  Big career.  Career I needed a Master’s for.  I got that on my own.  I paid for it from my salary.  Like everything.  I paid for all his food and all his clothes and all the fun we ever had.  I think he has stashed money away for years.  He was in the driveway yesterday telling me he didn’t give a fuck.  He let our places fall into foreclosure by not paying bills.  He cheated.  I’m getting that now.

He’s at his parents place that he inherited.

He doesn’t give a fuck about me.

That is obvious.

He is probably the most evil thing I ever tried to love.  That is what I gave him.  That and support for 27 years.

He has ruined me.

He took the prime years of my life.

He didn’t give me a child.

I was stupid to believe in marriage vows.  They meant nothing.

I was innocent and only loved him.  I was wife three.

27 years of my life.  He took that and made most of them misery.

If I live through this level of stress I will be stronger.

I will never make the mistake of giving my heart to someone who didn’t deserve it again.

He has cheated and lied.

I have no trust in him.  None.

If I can stay alive under this duress?

I can probably survive almost anything.


3 thoughts on “Evil personified

  1. Yes, you can survive this. It will be a long, hard trip back to happiness, but you can make it. You will become a better person. He will remain a mean, evil man without true knowledge of happiness. You will be the winner who lives a in the light.


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