Iris — a poem

You grew up to be like Georgia

Not expecting the falls

Instead you only saw beauty everywhere, you were looking

you saw the color unfurling around you

you couldn’t help that escape into grace

you had never really known anything ugly

not like this

you had never really expected this much evil


what will never be gone from you is own heart

your own soul

life is a series of temporary circumstances

life is a series of lessons you learn from

and you have

all these years you walked the earth

you were good

and in your heart there was good

and life is filled with circumstances

and full of people

and full of places

and all of it is only chapters

and there were mistakes you made

that only you can atone for

but they aren’t going to be sins

because you never did

in the end all evil will be purged from your surround

and where you will walk is among the flags

with delicate falls

that french fleur

this is what they know of you

those with hearts that can see


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