Misses it in this country.  Misses it over the last 20 years or so, except today?  I realized there was tons of it available.  People were smiling and happy and free from stress.  That was my life before.  Just the simple life of an artist in espadrilles.  Or heels at openings.

Anyway.  Pleasure can be so simple — like making someone an elegant dinner.  I did that this week, and I fed somebody who didn’t have any food.

The last six months have been so stressful, my god.  Never in my life like this, but I realize I was always feeling under stress in this marriage.  All I ever wanted was a rose-covered cottage and a good man and a child.  That is true.

Oh well.

Life has been hell in the last year.  But everyone has different hells they have to live out.

Best part for me now?

Remembering being 28 before all this.

I really am.  Was simple then, and can be simple again.  I can.

All I need for happiness is paint and a lot of flowers.

Life is much easier when it isn’t complex.


ps: Love and sex help too.  xxoo!

2 thoughts on “pleasure

  1. Pleasure is coming. This particular Hell will pass. It will take a lot of time but you will revive your younger self’s sense of joy and happiness. You now can concentrate on you and what you want and need. Do something just for yourself and ignore any naysayers Your life is yours to fulfill and you will. I know things are hard now and the hurt goes deep but it fades into the background and finally disappears. Good luck in all your ventures.


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