After I lost my mom to cancer…

It came on the heels of very stressful events in my life, during the time I was building my practice, post-Pacifica.  I have been going through boxes and boxes of photos and consolidating them into one box.  Later I will be able to reorganize them into appropriate photo albums.  Anyway, it has taken me ten years to be able to look back.  I’m not kidding!

I want to show you something she sent me in a letter once.  I came across it the other day.  It’s some wonderful quotes from excellent writers of the past and I took a picture of it.  On it she says: “To women.” And then on the back she is saying “For my mother.”  “For me.”  “For you and I.” And there is one for my little brother too!

Here are the scans! xxoo!


I know that my mother wanted to be a writer.  Somehow she made me into that.  I haven’t been doing much creative writing in the mo…..but plans to once things calm a bit.  I’m doing housecleaning.  I’m actually really liking it.  In my own house.  Putting things in order — the divorce is difficult.  I was married 27 years.  There isn’t anyone to leave all the memorabilia to?  Sadly so.  But I am decorating and arranging flowers and thinking of my mother and my other family members that have passed and how much I loved them then and now.  Grief is a natural part of life.  Sometimes it’s just hard to go through the stages that Kubler-Ross talks about.


2 thoughts on “After I lost my mom to cancer…

  1. It’s so hard to lose loved ones. I lost one of my sisters-in-law today. She has been sister to me for the last 55 years. I empathize with the loss of you mother. I still miss and think of my mother every day. Some losses take longer than others to get over. Some we never get over but we can weave them into our lives and still feel joy.
    Do something happy for yourself. Take comfort from your memories and concentrate on doing something just for yourself. I wish you joy and happiness


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