My first royalty payment from Kindle! xxoo!

I am happy to say that I received a first royalty payment for the two short stories I published in Amazon via Kindle.  Thank you Amazon!  Also I am ready to self-publish a first book of my short stories that were all previously published at ERWA and Cleansheets..

What I am most excited about is that old friends are helping me get my writing in order.  In the years when we all worked for the paper we all pulled together to get the thing out daily which was not always easy.  It’s these same people — the most wonderful people I know, that can help me figure out the formats.

I have looked into going back to my graduate school too.  I want to very much, for the PhD.  So I am going to need ton’s of funds to do that.  This is one of those moments where you are at an extreme turning point.  All of the research I have done can also be published in Amazon and that is groundbreaking for Ecopsychology.

What I am most excited about, though, is that I am going to publish Heart of Clouds.  I want to see a film made from it that can help children all over the world.  All of my children’s books are going to because they have built in interventions.  Like most writers, getting paid is a struggle?  But so worth it.  I can’t thank all the kind and beautiful people around me enough in this moment.

As I reflect on this?  Look for the miracles all around you.  Try and look for the miracles even if it seems very dark.

Getting that royalty was a miracle.  And I want to get more of those so that I can fund my PhD.  How I fell into writing was not an accident.  I began it as a creative outlet in a very dark time in my life when I was losing parents.  Writing was sustaining.

The literary agent I sent Heart of Clouds to called it too lovely for the present market.  I don’t think so.  I wrote it as a therapist!  So look for it soon.  And, in the meantime you can buy my two short stories that I got the royalty for.  They are for adults, and they are both sexy, and they are for the male market.  Or the heterosexual market who is just completely uninterested in pornography.  I really mean that.  Help me drive a little traffic to my links…

I was given a write up here that was a very big miracle to me…you can read that here.

Any literary erotica I write in the future is going to have cures embedded from a therapeutic perspective.  So has to hunt up more stories.  I write short stories for that subject.

Like most writers of Literary bent, I write many things — but when I publish Gardenias I’m going to do that under my real name and not the noms de plume I used.  This year it is all about owning my own writing as a writer.

Anyway! Excited! here are the links to my books…

Tell your friends!



& sends you some flowers!

My literary erotica was called “Perfumed” in the review above, and I love perfume.  I love Miss Dior Cherie this year.  I sure would love to get another big bottle soon.  Perfume is something I love.  And flowers.

Ten more royalty payments like that?  And I can buy some more!

A girl has needs, you know?

Flowers and perfume are my life.  They really are!  And I think men want to read about other men and the interiority of women.  Once I publish Gardenias they are going to be able to.  And any monies I make from that?  Are going to go towards the making of my film for children — called Heart of Clouds.  I put it up in just after the Japanese nuclear disaster last year.  Now?  It will be a book for sale all over the world once formatted.  It’s going to make a lot of people have hope.  And that makes me smile.  I am the secretary for this, so you can see my byline and what is going on here in the film world…my byline is story number two and this is the most exciting thing to happen in Santa Barbara in years!

11 thoughts on “My first royalty payment from Kindle! xxoo!

  1. Received your call. Will call this week if that’s ok/w you. Read this good news here too! Your first royalty. Makes me happy.

    Love to you



    1. Found a great vehicle to publish with called Pressbooks. Like WordPress, only for books so can do Gardenias and Heart of Clouds myself! Srsly! Am doing Gardenias first! Call anytime, hopes all is well.


      1. Can’t log into wordpress? Oh well
        so. Busy here researching. Too long to go into but my best work. And ultimately worth writing since I’ve never read it anywhere.
        This is great news about your books.
        I was thinking about the message in Heart of Clouds re; the heart and the ocean. Timely work. Visionary.
        Bless’ed. Certainly my world needs to believe in you and your world you created. You affirm my faith.

        Thank you for that.



  2. Well I have been very down and when so I become nearly mute. Truly I’ve always been a loner but I did talk to you didn’t I? Still in the midst of these convoluting days I have studied a great deal. So much. Maybe too much. Yep.
    So what is wrong with people that someone would lift your Haiku? Geez. I just shake my head. The creative process and output belongs to the creator. Simple.
    And then what good news! 6000 reads of Heart of Clouds.
    And finally. The cover of your mother so reminded me of Nin. The atmosphere of that picture. Some pictures have the energy that emits the presence of the hour.
    Some songs do that too.

    Love to you dear genius



      1. Had a song stolen once. No sweet lemons here. Your style is clearly yours. No argument there. Best I can say.


  3. I saw it last night from my google mail. Very impressive IMHO. I have a few loose ends to tie up here today and tomorrow. Then I can focus better.
    So excited too about ❤ of Clouds!!


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