Valentine Bonnaire erotica #writer

What is that you ask?

Well, for me the genre is about reality.  I recently searched that title on myself and the results came up in the millions.  I’m very sure that I have been read by millions and so it was time for me to put my own book together for people.  Because, I love being a writer.  Just yesterday I wrote a little piece of flash fiction for ERWA on the writer’s list and it will be published in the July edition.  I love words that convey feelings about things.  All the stories I write are geared toward a male and female audience for the most part.

There shouldn’t be any squick factors, is how I feel, when writing about love or sex.

Squick for me would be like that 50 Shades book?

There are enough writers on the list I’m on who already write about things like that.

I chose to write reality-based fiction based on moods.

I think that’s how most literary people write.   It’s not the only thing I write?

But it’s a fun thing to write.

I mean, I read Erica Jong when I was in High School.  Her poems.

I liked them.  I think it is a feminist act to write Literary Erotica, and even more of a feminist act to sell a book of it.  A bit like Anais Nin.  I guess so.  But sometimes I also feel like Dorothy Parker.  That’s the truth.  Actually I am trying to raise a chunk of money so that I can try and get a film made here.  And this genre probably can raise the money.



When I was first writing on the list I just gave everything away for free.  Some of my poems went into an anthology that raised money for Domestic Violence.  I was happy about that.

This is a book that men may want to read because it shows female interiority?

Of mood.



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