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Why my erotica is aimed at the male audience.  I’m not sure if men know how women really feel about them, sometimes.  In this book of mine GARDENIAS that you can buy on Kindle, they will find out.  Here it is!

Gardenias has a sampling of my stories in it, but I chose each story on purpose for this collection.  Do men have the same tender hearts as women do?  Yes, I think so.  Especially men from my generation.

When I wrote my first piece, it was a serial.  As I joined the fray on the writer’s list at ERWA there were several themes going on in most of the stories.  What I noticed for one thing was that there was very little heterosexual sex being portrayed.  Almost everything but?

I would read stories about women being tied up and whipped with this whole sort of Master and Slave concept and I just cringed.  Seriously.  I really did.  Sometimes I felt pain when I was reading all that stuff — the stories.

Is sex about pain?


Not in the hands of a man who loves you.  Sex can be a beautiful thing.  Sex can be an intimate thing.  One thing about this book of mine, it takes you into the interiority of the feminine experience.  I’m not sure men have read that before?  I’m not.  So I began to strive to write that and in this book men are going to encounter all aspects of the feminine.

I want men to know how much they are loved?


So, I want to talk about some of the stories in the book and what they are about.  Magic Feeling — this is about what it’s like when a man moves into your orbit in ways that are so full of chemistry that, well, you are sort of left undone by his presence.

Here is a snippet of text, which is about being in a yoga class.  You know what that is like, having a handsome male teacher perform adjustments in the various poses?  He’s so close to you you can barely breathe because you are so attracted to him?

Well, it’s like that for a lot of women.  It is.  Do men know about this power?


Chemistry is how we link up in the first place.  Is chemistry physical and emotional?  Yes.  Eros enters and the eye takes in beauty in the male form.  It’s not different in many ways on both sides I think.  It’s a matter of gazing.  My book is available for you here on the Kindle.

Have men ever really read about their effect on women?

Here is a passage from Magic Feeling…

“…Edwin was tall and thin and dreamy and redheaded. He moved with the dangerous grace of a panther when he wanted to. Other times he flowed with the fluidity of water, especially when he did his adjustments. When he pressed his body up against hers in Half Moon or Triangle Pose, Cerise blushed like an innocent. She might as well have been a teenager in those moments. In Half Moon Pose he held her leg up, right at the junction where buttock meets thigh, finger tips just millimeters from her center. His other hand supported her waist from below. She wondered if he could feel the heat flaming up through her unitard. She never wore lingerie to class, just that slim black sheath like a second skin.

“Rotate this, here, can you feel that? Ummm, like that,” he’d say, as his fingers pressed into her even more deeply, twisting her further and further into the pose. “Beautiful.” His hair brushed across her open palm, as her hand floated further skyward. “Beautiful,” he’d say as her face flushed with the heat of his nearness; and a tiny quiver rippled from deep inside, her lips already parting for his fingers, so close, so close.  His hands liked to linger over her in odd ways. “Don’t forget to breathe,” he’d say sometimes, as his fingers moved over her with the softness of dove’s wings.

Edwin knew all about skin. Once, in Reclining Butterfly, he’d made an adjustment that went to her edge and way past it. For a very long moment his forefingers had plunged themselves into the centers of her palms…”

You’ll have to buy the book to see what happens next, but, it’s so soft it’s like a whisper.

What I want men to know is that they are loved.  By women.  Very much so.  And I want them to know the effects they have on women.


What I really want is for you to be able to read something beautiful, about sex…

I want you to see it as poetry, which it is.

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