Heart made of Clouds — my novel Heart of Clouds coming to Kindle soon! <3

I sent the novel to a literary agent, and he called it “too sweet and lovely” for this market.  I don’t think so.  There is a very big difference between the themes in this and say, what the YA audience is looking at in terms of things like The Hunger Games.  The themes in Heart of Clouds leave a lot of room for discussion and exploration by say, Librarians?

I wrote this book to teach something called “The Language of the Heart,” and how that works.  There are something like 81,000,000 ideas about a heart of clouds in the web.  A central theme in the novel is this exact heart.  My character Teenie Alexander’s father tells her that she has one, and in the opening scene she sees one.

In many ways the book is a Christian allegory.  C. S. Lewis came to me in a dream on the final days I was writing it.

Thanks to Kindle it is going to be available for Amazon readers.  Very soon.  Thanks to Pressbooks this is possible!

I hope you will look for it and understand the underlying messages in it, and why they might be important right now!



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