Flash Fiction “Bitten” — literary erotica to make you laugh! xxoo!

I love doing the flasher form.  It’s 200 words.  This morning I wrote this one, and I hope it makes you laugh!


By Valentine Bonnaire

Copyright May 2012


“I told you we needed to bring the netting”

“You were right”

“Now what are we going to do?”

“You’ve got me”

“It’s a swarm”

“The creek!”

“It’s too cold”

“I could warm you up first”


“I’d start here, by unzipping these”

“You would?”

“Umm, hmm”

“But what if they get me?”

“I’ll beat them to it”

“Maybe we should just stay in the tent”

“That’s what I thought”

“I think I’ll start with this button”

“Which one?”

“The bottom one”


“I see some skin”

“You’re tickling”

“I have plans”

“You do?”

“There’s this place I want to burrow”

“What about your jeans?”

“They can wait awhile”

“Are we going to stay in here all week?”

“I guess so”

“Button two”

“Button three”


“Button four”

She stopped talking after button four.  Button five was easy.  So was the bra.  Soon she was naked and laughing.

“They got you good”

He started kissing every little bump.

“I’ll make it better”

“You always do”

“I know”

She wasn’t able to speak much after he began.

“This little hickey of mine, these hickeys?”

“You’ll show them,” she said sighing, remembering last time.

He planned every camping trip like this.

* * *

Copyright May 2012 Valentine Bonnaire

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