Missing my mother

This June will mark the decade that she has been gone.

She told me that as a child I ran into the sea and that no one could stop me.

I really miss her, because she was someone who I could always call and she would know what to say and sometimes there would be all her very dry wit as well.

I’m just thinking of her a lot today.

Wondering how it must have been for her.

In many of the pictures of myself I have my arm around people as if I am propping them up?

Funny thing.

This last decade has nearly crushed me and I feel unstrong.

I’m not sure how that happened.

I always felt strong before.

It’s just the series of impacts that losses hand to one.

I have the progressed moon moving through the 8th house.

Right now it’s in Cancer and a year from now it will be out of there.

Maybe this is why I am so preoccupied with death.

Or so frightened.

Today was better.


It was.


It was.

I’m going to upload Heart of Clouds so that it is for sale.

I am.


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