Why would men want to read Literary Erotica? Because of what they can learn about themselves as men.

Now you can.

In my book Gardenias that is available for your Kindle.  And you can tell your friends too.

How often have females been honest with you?

What is it like to love?

What is attraction?

What is love like between heterosexuals?

There are one or two little fantasy stories in this book, because it is Erotica after all — however?  The sex scenes are real life and you will read about them in metaphor which is much more interesting because?  You make your own visuals!



Here is your link into Kindle for this book.  I promise you you will not be disappointed, because in some aspects of these stories you are going to see yourselves — and if you are not like these men?  Well?  Then you are going to learn about how men behave.


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