Custom Literary Erotica, unzipped…

I have thought for some time about this.  Probably because of my degree in Depth Psychology and after looking at the vast sea of what poses for sexuality in the web.  When I began to write literary erotica I did a research project on what people were looking at in terms of porn.

How sad, is what I thought.

Tragic actually.

My generation grew up during a time when the slogan was “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.”

In times of war, there isn’t sex.

Isn’t that sad?

So here is the deal.  I have decided to write custom stories to help heal people around their damaged sexuality.  As a therapist.  Because I can.

For instance?

Suppose you saw or read some things that seemed non-romantic and just plain weird?

I write what heterosexuals do in bed.

I am in a position to do that because frankly I come from a whole generation of women who bedded many men.  Even deflowered a couple of men.

What if you were a virgin man?

Suppose you have problems getting excited?

Suppose you are madly in love and don’t know how to approach a woman?

Suppose you want to fall in love?

My stories can easily be customized for you.  But?  You will need to befriend me on FB by clicking through.

It’s fun and easy for me to write literary erotica.

But as a trained therapist I want to see cure for all the lonely hearts out there.

For men and for women.

With love as the end result.

If people were making love there wouldn’t be time for war.  That is the truth.  There is so much war because people are not making love!

And the world is resembling hell because of it, isn’t it?

So let me tell you what my plans are for you.  I will need a vignette, which is a short version of the particular problem you are having.  The stories will cost $100 and will be written to that specific vignette.  The stories will involve curing your problem.

This is what a vignette looks like:

Tim spotted her across the room but he was afraid to speak.  She was so beautiful to him.  He felt like melting into a corner, he was that shy.  How could he work up his courage to ask her out?  What would she say if he did?  He had never been on a date before.  Nobody ever taught him how to make out with a woman.  All he had seen were images of things in the web and they were disgusting.  He was tired of being lonely.

You send me a paragraph or two like that and I will write you the CURE to end all CURES! As a fiction!

Click over to befriend me in FB and you will see my credentials.  I have been also doing a series of books that start out with a first crush between a boy and a girl?  I am growing these characters up as age appropriate.  Click on Heart of Clouds and you can read about a first crush between a boy and girl.



ps:  After everything I saw in the web during my research?  That is not what real sex and love look like at all.  In my fictions I will write what that looks like for you!  And cure some very toxic shit out there.  I write for heterosexuals.

Note: you do not have to click through to FB.  I can make your custom story as a PDF, and you can arrange to pay me via PAYPAL, in the same way that my editors pay me for a short story.  If you would like to order a story my writing email is:… I look forward to helping!

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