Writing Erotica and realism for heterosexuals…

I finished a story this morning called “Incurves” from a first person POV which is not my normal choice, but I think it worked for the tale.  Posted it to the list I’m on.  I think this year I am interested most in trying to write some kinds of healing into the tales.  The flasher I did called Bravery is the vignette for a much larger story about a veteran coming home that I would like to do.  I was reading a piece in the LAT about a soldier who had lost his legs and they put him in a movie about Aliens.  The story made me really uncomfortable.  For the veteran because they had him pushing and pushing himself to do all these physical things.  In the flash fiction piece below, that is an example of a vignette.  In a longer story I could flesh out the human emotions really going on between the characters.  Because there would be a lot of things going on, and I would like to be able to write a healing story.  That I can do from a therapist’s perspective.  So, I’m glad to be back writing again on the list.  It’s been like five years since I have.  A hiatus.  This time around, it’s different.  So, “Incurves” required me to go back in time many years in order to craft it.  To someone I really did know and had a three year relationship with.  I want to try and write a sexual realism for heteros because there is so much out there, damn.  Where is the innocence?  Or anyway where is the truth?  My favorite things to write are called character studies.  You know when you go see the movies and you have characters with deep things going on?  Not like action films?  I grew up on those.  A screenwriter I met told me what a character study was and they are the classic sort of tale you find in all literature across the ages — from the Greeks forward. Tragedy, Comedy and so  forth, even stories about love spring from the human soul and psyche — a legacy of Aristotle’s Poetics somehow.  Bravery will be a much longer story than this little flasher.  On the Fourth I was thinking of the writer Dalton Trumbo and what he wrote about WW1 in “Johnny Got His Gun.”  It’s one of the classics if you have never read it.  Also one of the most poignant films ever made.  Some parts of it are over in youtube and you can see it.  I hope I never get blacklisted as Trumbo did for trying to write cure.  One never knows.  Anyway, today the story I wrote flowed and came in at 1850+ — thinking of Bradbury and how he wrote and that it is hard on people around writers to understand them and the discipline it takes on a daily basis.  It really does.  xxoo! No kidding!  So anyway — I liked the end of Incurves.  Honesty in the short story to the best of a writer’s ability — that is what I’m after.


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