Naughty Bits and literary erotica, ahem.

Well, yesterday I read an article in the Daily Beast which was kind of cool because they referenced a book that I’m in?  Only, I didn’t give my permission for my short story over at to be in this collection.  My story in the Readerotica collection #1 dates from my early years writing for Cleansheets.  It bothers me that someone could just pick it up and publish it over in Amazon.  It does!  Here is the original link.

Granted that was 2004.  But it doesn’t matter.  It’s my story.  If I had a literary agent, which I wanted — this wouldn’t happen.

Adrianna de la Rosa was my first nom de plume in this genre, over at CS.  I changed it to Valentine later, and Valentine is the mythos I’ve kept.

While it seems like good publicity in some ways, in another I’m ready to take my writing to a different level, now.  Books.  But?  Books where I am getting the royalties.  As I think about the whole 50 Shades deal, well look what she has done?


In the beginning I was happy to see myself published at the two best places in the web.

This is 2012.

I want to be like E. L. James and in control of my own brand.  On the writer’s list at ERWA I talked about this last night.  Haven’t gotten the digest back today to see, but the other writers are really supportive in so many ways.  Some of them said their stories had been appropriated too.

I have settled in to write seriously this year again after that hiatus I took.

I am especially excited about Poet’s and Writers.

Next year when I go back to the Writer’s Conference I love here in town I plan to have many published works under my belt.  And?  I will be looking for a literary agent who can tackle the erotica genre but also the other things I write  There has to be someone who can.

I feel like the short stories I wrote in the last decade were a bridge to what I am about to write.



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