Erica Jong has a new book out! “Sugar in my Bowl” xxoo!

Why is this interesting to me?

Well, I first read her poems when I was in Junior High — around the year 1973.  My generation got our start reading books like hers.  I had “Fruits & Vegetables.”  Links!

Here is the new book!

Hmmm.  I’ve had that so many years now.  Amazing.  Here is a link to some of her poetry at

The very first poems I had published in my teens were in a little free press publication some friends of mine were running.  Feminism in the 70’s.  We were just teens.  I can remember that I was reading Mademoiselle magazine in those days.  I really wanted to go off to Radcliffe for college.  Mademoiselle used to have these guest editor contests.  Well, it’s fast forward a whole lot of time.  The women I read back then were Jong and Kate Millet.  I had seen the film “Love Story” — Ali McGraw was my idol, the college girl… it was all about plaid skirts in mini, midi, or Maxi.

This is fab to see what Jong has assembled now, years and years later!

This book!

One click over into Amazon, and the essays!  How great.

I love this too! xxoo!


I never thought I’d grow up and write.  It’s what I wanted to do as a young girl.  But I have!

Oddly enough into a bit of the same area…

I admire Jong’s voice on the page no end.  And to do the above book?  I feel like rushing out and getting it!

Just to see.

So, I have submitted a story to a really big anthology and I’m holding my breath.

In the meantime, I will continue to write and make little trailers for my own work.

Decides to play Nina Simone for you…

Anyway, I really want to see what women disclosed in her new book?

In the 70’s her generation were the “Liberated” Women.  My generation went two ways, I think.

She has an essay by Susie Bright in that I’d love to read about 1975.

Umm, hmm.

Check it out!





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