Finding my character TUT in Heart of Clouds — #magic #turtle in my story for kids…

This is just the best image of a turtle, ever!

Tut is a character in my children’s book — his whole life he has swum the seas with his squadron of friends, and as I was writing him I could see him, but the other day I found this picture, and this is him!

Really exciting seeing the story be read over in Wattpad, too — by young readers.  Some of the stories look very interesting in there — today posted a new chapter.  I really hope that using some of these web tools I’ll be able to get the film made.  My generation saw Love Story and Summer of ’42 as young teens — well Heart of Clouds is very much like the Disney films my generation saw as kids on Sunday nights — totally innocent and wonderful, about a first crush.

I’m using Pinterest to make up storyboards for the visuals, and I’ve made a few little you tubes that are really fun — trying to “show” the themes.

This is TUT!

In some ways the story is about “grandfathers” — Tut’s, Devlin’s and old Mr. Honeygarten who functions as a surrogate grandfather to Teenie Alexander — funny I hadn’t thought of that till this morning.  I had a really wonderful grandfather — little pieces of him must run through all of these characters.



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