Heart of Clouds my American novel about survival, Capitalism, kids and the devastating effects of lay-offs on families #Wattpad

I’ve just posted the two chapters into Wattpad.

My main character Teenie Alexander’s mother is driven the brink in these chapters by job losses in America in the newspaper industry.  She and her husband Jax can’t keep the family together as he leaves to go and find work.  Thinking of voting for venture capitalists?  You might want to read what I wrote and you can!

Chapters 1-18 are up in Wattpad, and I don’t want to give  it away…


What is important in this era of Bainesque capitalism, take a look at a little girl’s heart and what happens to her mother.

Right.  All you Ayn Rand lovers out there.

At any rate, the crux is now passed over, the novel is coming to resolution but at no time have we seen in America the hideous narcissism and pig-like politicians we have now.

Read the story here: http://www.wattpad.com/6053797-heart-of-clouds

It’s chapter 17 and 18 that are the hard parts, for Teenie and her mother.

There are millions of Teenies all across America right now.  Millions and millions.

Follow the story and see what you think, now matter how you align yourself politically…

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