F*cked — the feminist voter and where she will go — looks back at Carter

Frankly I’m glad I followed the bloggers at No Quarter in 2008.  I looked at a lot of blogs, both right and left in 2008.  Just because.

Well, the Carter Democratic Feminist was for Hillary Clinton.

After the last few days?

Revisits why so many little Democrats wanted Reagan.  Pretty simple.  It had to do with how angry they were at this: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/general-article/carter-hostage-crisis/

It’s the same thing all over again, isn’t it?

From back then:

I wish I could see if Reagan said something, trying to find.  He won that year.  Carter was perceived as weak.  I voted for him because I believed in PEACE as a JFK Democrat.  One of the biggest Obots who is my age said he couldn’t stand Carter,  Well?  Right now I feel that way about the Democratic Party.  See ya.  It’s been a good  thirty years.  At least I voted all those women in.  Not too any avail, though.

After the video I saw this morning?

Read this from No Quarter.

It was bad enough to be sad on 9/11 about that day — but sadder still to think about what has happened to America since Carter.

I’m an American who grew up under JFK and MLK and LBJ.  I remember the Cold War.

The video above?

All I can think of Reagan saying “Tear down that wall.”

Yeah right.

That was 1980.  We were so full of hope then, weren’t we?

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