A story for Romney…

I’m not an American who ever got anything for free.  My generation unlike yours came up during the later 70’s.  I worked my way through college taking student loans for the BA.  All around me there were quotas.  The quotas were for non-whites to get free things.  In those days I didn’t mind.  I just worked and worked, sometimes two jobs at a time to get through.  I was the first in my family too, and the university degree was important to me.  I went to work for a newspaper and I worked for years there, out of loyalty.  I married there.  Then?  I decided to go to graduate school and change careers.  I paid for that on my own.  There has never been any help, and handouts, any breaks.  Period.  Something like Bain capital happened.  A very rich woman bought the paper.  She fired my husband, and they expected me to stay.  Women in my generation were not stay at home moms like your wife.  I quit the paper because of what happened, after 20 years.  I’m one of millions of Americans who is out of the labor force.

If I had been of a different ilk, I might have been a Welfare mom.  All of my needs would have been taken care of.  By government.

But that isn’t my makeup.

I am against the entitlements.

I am.

Also, I am worried about war overseas.  I don’t trust the Democratic party at all.  Post-Hillary.  Not at all.

I’d like to go back to work but there is nothing to do?  And I’m very over-qualified.

I’m tired of people on the dole who had better lives than me because of quotas that my skin color didn’t fit.

Here where I live — people have had free education, free housing, free food, free childcare, free everything.  There has also been massive immigration which drained the system.

Was that fair?

I don’t think so.

As far as labor unions go?  When the paper who bought my paper in the late 80’s like Bain did?  There were never any raises.  It was a cheap and monstrous place to work, for years and years until this happened.

Imagine the horror of firing my husband and making me sign off on any claim to retirement.  That happened during the sale.

When I quit, seven months later — there was nothing.  I had been helping the poor for FREE as an intern therapist.  I’m through with service, Mr. Romney.  Finished.  The Masters was worth nothing.  Not in this climate.

My social security?  I paid for years into that.  It’s mine.

So, I’m one of those non-contributors for the last nine years.  But I have never had so much as a dime in unemployment or anything else from this government.  It’s not fair.

Really not.

I’m over supporting any sorts of entitlement programs for anyone.


My grandparents were Republicans.  They were far smarter than I.  Why did I bother trying to help the poor?


All of the years I worked I gave to things that would.

And then?  I was screwed by a corporation.  A really big one.  One that by the way, is writing very negative articles about you as we speak.  Good luck, and I hope you win.

I do.  I have far more faith in you to turn this country around than I do in your opposition.  Most Americans are very disgusted in the moment.  Millions I would say.

I have more faith in you to protect the borders, know what to do to protect the embassies and the American people.  It would be nice to feel good again, here.  Based on the nostalgia in your ads, I and others resonate to a very different time in America.  Something like Bain happened to me.  Perhaps, really?  Your karma may be to undo now whatever you regret.  About that era.  Good luck to you.


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