Magenta rose — the inspiration for my latest story. Bing Cherry Silk.

Magenta rose -- the inspiration for my latest story.

Bing Cherry Silk.  The story I just wrote for the list.  I’m going to do a reading of it and make a little video for youtube.


It will be fun today.

Here is an excerpt:

I looked at myself in the mirror, the way that we look at ourselves in the mirror sometimes afterwards.  Today was a turning point.  Another man’s cherry silk between my thighs.  A man who had thought of me as he picked them out from the most expensive boutique in town.  A man who knew my size because he had been staring at me in secret.  As I walked I could feel his panties between my thighs, moving, as if his fingers were caressing me.  The silk was slippery and it slid against my skin as we walked along the pier to the little restaurant Gianni favored.

I think I might do some audios of my stories, and the art direction.

It will be fun, in a time when nothing is fun in America anymore.

That’s true.

Here is the cover…



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