forever valentines ~ a tiny poem #erotica xxoo!


forever valentines

by Valentine Bonnaire c. Feb 2013

our funny valentines, entwined
our lusty cupids, lidded
these planets fully force-aligned
all tiny red hearts bidded

send me my card of sparkling dust
and call me on the phone
then you might feel some shimmery lust
and not be all alone

O, get me lace and chocolate silk
and roses red and fair
then I’ll make sure you see your milk
and cream about my lair

O, be a gent and catch the door
your hand around my waist
and I shall love you, evermore
our fingers interlaced

Please bed me in some satin sheets
or in a bubbled bath
my tarted toes and ruby feet
will choose forbidden paths

O, love me well and longly dear
away we’ll fly to heaven
each orgasm so timely here
let’s try at least for seven

I’ll strip you till your soul be bared
and nothing’s left but lust
we shall forget old lovers, lost
we’ll leave them in our dust

your cock will shimmer like a plum
my cunt, a berried tart
when valentine’s are said and done
we’ll have each other’s hearts


happy valentine’s day to ERWA — where I am published for my short stories, flash fiction and poetry

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