Valentine’s Day ~ a poem “on a quiet night in a room filled with stars” #love
















on a quiet night in a room filled with stars

by Valentine Bonnaire c. 2013

there in the rumpled bed of mourning
i wandered back into the arms that were ours,
that held me as the sun kept on rising
as the moon fell down into the sea on her back
at the end of time you wait for me

there is a rose that sings that dawn
in the sun’s pink light and quiet settling
as sets of clouds cross over the sky
i take my little breaths remembering

there was the time of you and i
on a quiet night in a room filled with stars
you made the string of my heart a kite
& here in the morning’s yellow light
i remember arms that held me up against the unlaced night

& as the constellations moved
and as our breaths conjoined in one
in such sharp gasps and quiet lulls
there was a rose that sang those dawns

what could they tell me now of that flower
and of the garden where it grew?
or of the symphony in the beloved’s eye?

at the end of time in a room that waits
on the end of a string, another heart dances
here in the beloved’s tethered embrace
what strings, what arrows, unkind lances?

to let the heart transcend the fates
to know another’s love awaits
go find that sweetness in a loved one’s eye
the room of stars, a bunch of flowers
& seal the love forever locked
in the room of the heart that holds love’s hours

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