Very sexy silk knickers

Ooooo la la! xxoo!

You’re here because you’re heterosexual just like me.

I write for men.  And everything I write is a true story.

I love lingerie and in fact looking at this picture is inspiring me no end this morning.

sexy little ruffles and bows

Thinking of a story that is curative on various levels.  If there are curatives.  Going to write to an old old song of the Beatles from many years ago.   Probably get a start tomorrow.  One story a week.  Endless pace.  I want to try and get one a week by June I’m hoping.  At least writing allows escape.  Going to write Romance, which isn’t my genre particularly but I want to craft something hopeful — have the title.

Easier to write than look at any more news.

lingerieAngela Friedman

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