The A List of people who wrote about sex…

pinkjazmineI came across this list of writers at the Huffington Post.

I would have added a few others but I liked what Susan Minot said about the ones on here.

What you don’t see are women with the exception of a few on this.

I consider some of the writers I know to be of the caliber on that list.

They are.  Those would be all the literary writers.

Literary Erotica.  Who knows how I fell into writing it except a lot of people were dying.  People were passing all around me, and maybe writing sex was writing Eros for myself?

I’ll think of it that way.

Thing is?

I see myself as an A list type, too.

I don’t want to be in any crappy anthologies.  Oh well.

Some editors are better than others and so are some publishers.

Working up a new short story about the scent of this pink jasmine that is next to me and a house I saw back east that was crumbling down into a pile of its own bones.

Here is the music:

That’s the mood.

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