poem #7 Sunday ~ teach me how to stop the war

teach me how to stop the war

that rages in a lover’s breast

a thousand centuries of only dust

from this could man ever make lust?

what kind of heart have you for peace?

what kind of lands do you hold the lease?

what kind of people do you want to control?

is there anything left inside your soul?

teach me how to stop the war

that rages in a lover’s heart

before you call me an upstart

what good is war when peace is craved

what good are people when enslaved?


it makes you such a smaller man

your heart is buried in a can

one small tin can to prove your power

you rage and think the world’s your bower

the world looks on with reasoned eyes

and looks so deeply in your eyes

women wish not war on any man

women wish not war from patriarchy’s can

women wish your arms could lay to rest

we’d wish you love, knowing love is best

knowing love is better than to rage

we wish that you could turn the page

would it not be better to feed the world?

the answer is better when comes from a girl

would it not be better to show your heart?

think of the respect you might start

all around the world for your nobler deeds

instead of for your warlike screeds


so teach us how to stop your war

& see us happy forevermore

plant on our heads the kiss of peace

plant in a garden all kinds of flowers

plant in our hearts a son, one hour


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