Something really interesting happened, which is good, because it made me happy! (after a really crummy decade) — those happen in life sometimes.  I used to work for a paper for a really long time before I went back for the masters and I spent years doing good stuff for free to help people and that wasn’t very smart, so anyway now I need to sell some books and make money.  Thank you for helping me.  I want to show you something that happened in pictures?  Because I have utmost respect for you and your company WordPress because of the open source.

First — at that paper which was owned by one of the biggest companies in the world the tech people were the opposite of WP people.  Closed = secretive.  They were the first gen of tech people — and they were not good people.  Maybe it’s still the same between all these different companies where profit drives all.  So anyway, I just said something over in FB that was good about WP and guess what?  It didn’t go through, so I want to show you.

page1I wrote ❤ WordPress — watch me! (and put a video)

Then, I went to see if it went through over in Twitter.  It didn’t.  Funny thing how only some tweets go through.

page2Pretty strange huh?

So I came back to my blog to double check.

page3It didn’t.


Is there some block on saying ❤ WordPress?


Something else happened too, which is really cool that I want you or one of your core people to see?

Back in a sec.

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