the good thing.

I have no idea how this happened, but to a person like me?  I can sell books! Omg.  It is beyond evil what that corporation in the last post did to me.  Took everything that was supposed to be a benefit after many years.  I did my best to do good for the world working free for non-profits.  How stupid was that.  Really stupid.  I need to make some money now and?


brand1brand2who knows how that happened but it’s like the lucky fabness of WordPress in general.

On an aside — one year at the paper I wrote an editorial — for years I wanted to be a writer there — anyway, the editorial was about this protest that happened because of a big box store being built here — there was a little band of people talking about the rainforest woods this place used and sold?

Well I wrote it for the paper and it was going to run until that smarmy ass of a publisher pulled it — because the company advertised in the paper.

Can you believe that?

Well.  That really happened.  WordPress has given me so much creative freedom, you know — BLESS YOU!


from Adrienne

In a way I really feel like laughing at what I saw, but I need to sell a few books so, I better get back to writing, but gee, WP.  Thank you!

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