HEART OF CLOUDS is going into SMASHWORDS! #Ecopsychology #book #children #YA #healplanet #plastic #ocean

Do you have any idea how much work I have put into trying to promote it?  I wrote it in 2009 to be a film!

Nobody in America is going to give a shit about a film like this.  But over in England they will.  So I just took a really big chance on the actor Jeremy Irons.  I sent him my links in FACEBOOK.  Including all my dumb little youtube films I made about it.  Do you know what it’s like to be an American without a voice?  An American with a GRADUATE DEGREE?


Where is the HOPE?

My  hope is this book, and with the right BRANDING it’ll be a go.  I feel that.  There haven’t been any fucking heart-centered films coming out of Hollywood in how long?

I sent it to a literary agent at the writer’s conference I go to.  He said it was too sweet and lovely for this marketplace.  Oh well.

You are looking at my graduate degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in this book I wrote.

My degree mattered to me once.

Thank god for guys like Mark Coker.

You can read it in Scribd.com and Wattpad but?  I’m putting it in SMASHWORDS.  I was hoping if I wrote Literary Erotica I could make the money to produce the film myself.

Everybody in America is a whore under the fascist system, right?

In Britain it’s not like that.  For one thing, they are smarter — especially on FILM.


Adrienne D. Wilson
The writer

16 thoughts on “HEART OF CLOUDS is going into SMASHWORDS! #Ecopsychology #book #children #YA #healplanet #plastic #ocean

  1. Long ago the lines were drawn and the road was set. So those who made the roads controlled the view. And hope Is outside the
    view. It requires an artist to trace those unseen horizons; to show us the immortal Lights while we trudge the eon riven road.

    Beautiful story. Heart of Clouds.


      1. America is at the end of an 80+ year wave correlating with 1929. I expect those who know about such things; who follow that cycle; who run the monetary system; are quite prepared to behave like Nazis. History doesn’t repeat accidentally.
        This doesn’t change the value of your writing. External boundaries are fabrications. Then to add to the dilemma. We set our own limits within this fabricated world. The object is to understand why we must NOT add our own limits to a world where perception is already limited.
        Why blind ourselves more?
        Beautiful story. Heart of Clouds.


  2. I think you are right, and so I want to try and leave something good behind — it’s my book. This one. So? I’m trying to figure out how to put it for sale and sell my Literary Erotica to get the money to produce it. Whoever you are, thanks for coming by. I don’t think you are a robot thank heavens! You are a person.


  3. Yes I am a person. Surprised you might think I was a robot.  I should sign my name Hans Moravec for laughs.  I find no humor in contemplating transhumanist potential outcomes. This includes artificial intelligence. And robots.
    We have gone far enough from nature as it is. Obviously you have more than an abstract love of this earth. That comes through in past articles as well as in Heart of Clouds.


    1. Song! It’s you! I saw in the comments the emails! I am so glad to hear from you again. God. Well? I hope all is well. Long story on this end of course. I tried to call months ago a couple of times. Would love to hear from you again. Hopefully? Things might look up. Hopefully. You just flew, hummingbird. Let me know if you are blogging again? Great new name. Be well, from Adrienne


  4. ps: either you are in San Leandro or Phoenix? I can’t tell! But, thank you for coming by here and saying what you have and if you are Song I missed you and if not then new friend I welcome you. Mean that. Adrienne!


  5. No. I am not blogging. For now I wish to avoid the panopticon. The questions that seized my consciousness also moved me into silence. Like sitting under a bodhi tree
    in a frozen meditation. As I awoke I knew that the world was created as it was to keep
    us in ignorance.

    When I read your post I wanted you to know
    that the true artist shows a view we cannot see from the road. Too many artists merely reiterate what we see on our own. Others might as well be janitors sweeping up their own garbage.

    So never lose hope.

    When you have time would you write a story about Tut? How much does a chapter cost?


    1. The song above came from an animated movie for children. Don’t know the story. Something to do with penguins? Ha.
      Doesn’t matter. Nice song. One particularly enlightened line in it. There was a Heart of Clouds in it. Did you see it?
      Hope so.
      You have a magic in your soul. And such deep kindness. Whatever you write the space is there. Between the words. You leave room for the reader to be there with you.
      Love to you.



  6. 100,000,000. I am not surprised that you are at the top. The stars were aligned so a lotus could bloom.
    Now I must return to finish my research.
    I am nearly there.

    You have my email. We’ll meet again.
    Know that I have missed you. Know that.


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