Sexy, steamy short stories…

I decided on a price point for my individual short stories.  99 cents.

I’ve only been published at the very best places in the web.  I like the control of choosing my covers and designing them.  And, they look good over in Smashwords and for Kobo and Nook.  So far, I only put one up for sale.  Over at ERWA I know I’m being read by the Library Journal, which is good.  The last two stories I sent to anthologies were rejected by the editors.  Not a problem.  I have other editors who like my work.  I think it’s a much better deal in this genre to self-publish.

Who wrote like I did in the past?  Anais Nin.  She was paid $1.00 a page.  From me?  You will get the whole story.  I’m tired of working and writing for free!

Look how clean this cover design is?  I like the control.


from me


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