Shitty Erotica or Literary Erotica — you choose! xxoo!

If you are like most readers you’ve seen the swamp, no?

You have.

My writing was up for something called a Golden Clitorides award once.  Cool huh?

It is.  Literary Erotica isn’t crummy. It’s for an educated reader who can sort through metaphor and poesis.  It’s for the reader who would never watch porn.  It’s for the connoisseur.  Is that you?

Literary Erotica can excite you, teach you, inform you.  I saw a tweet about Christians and Porn.  Well?  Literary Erotica is NOT PORN and it is NOT SMUT.

Literary Erotica is about relationships.  In my case I write heterosexual, and what is called “Vanilla” style. I’m pretty much the only person who is writing that and technically I don’t write any BDSM.  I did one piece like that just to see how it went over on my writer’s list at ERWA.  People write m/m which means male/male or f/f which means female/female or BDSM ala 50Shades only moreso.  So?  I’m your vanilla source, and I like that.



Go see!

You can read me in the story galleries over at ERWA — just google that.

You can buy me!  You won’t regret it.

You can contact me if you need a custom story because you are worried about something as regards your love life or lack thereof.

I write with the top writers.  Click the book to read an excerpt and see the stories listed.


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