Help feed bees by planting SUNFLOWERS #beeherenow

The decline in the bee population is enough to make me sick.

Feed the bees!

This is easier than you think it is.  One really good pollinator will be sunflowers.  The bees use flowers like these for pollen to make honey and you will have beautiful flowers to look at.

Once you start to realize that the bees have carried toxic GMOpollen back to the hives?   Ask yourself what happened with all the dead bees?

What about all the honey?

This is a problem for the ENTIRE FOOD CHAIN!

What can you do?

Get some good seeds for sunflowers like these:


You just need sun and water.  If you had a large enough container you could grow a sunflower in that!

Feed the bees!

Last blog post I showed you the cornflowers, today — sunflowers.  We can restore the bee population with NATURAL flowers, and natural pollen.

2 thoughts on “Help feed bees by planting SUNFLOWERS #beeherenow

  1. I’d do it but, my husband can’t walk past a bee without getting stung and I’m terrified that one of these times, he’ll go over that line and start having to get shots or something. Seriously, a couple of summers ago he had 4 bee stings on his face at the same time!!! I made him chop down the fruit trees.


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