Writer’s Conference is this week! xxoo!

I thought I’d post a few lucky charms around here, because I’m excited.  First is Ray Bradbury.  I could watch this over and over and over again and still get something from it each time.  He’s right.  It’s when you really unpack the memories that the writing arcs elsewhere.  I’ve been doing that this year, and all of those stories have been published at ERWA.

Here he is!

Bradbury on writing — advice!

I have three up in the galleries this month, and three going in next month.

The first year I went I was very shy and scared.  There was a kind literary agent.  He was!

Literary agents

Lit agent part two

Fifty Shades hadn’t hit the market yet.  I said, “I write literary erotica.”

By then I had been published and published, but I was shy.  Not today!  Because all of this has just been experience!


This conference will be fruitful…


Adrienne who writes as Valentine Bonnaire and Adrianna de la Rosa.

One last thing?

I’ve got a great story in Maxim’s new book.  It’s unusual to be taking it to the Conference with me, but hey!

I am soooooo published.  I am!


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