#amwriting “Hands” a new story for ERWA post SBWC #literary #erotica

The best style is the style you don’t notice.  —– Somerset Maugham

It’s been a long week at the Conference, but it was really fabulous this time. I have the right editor for my novel and I spent all my time with only two workshop leaders.  Which was good for me.  From Walter HD — two things I will never forget: “Dialogue is paint.”  And “what is your character’s greatest fear?”  This is a master screenwriter.  The best.  So was the fiction workshop.  Anyway this image.  Composing to an X song… 

I’ve also decided to turn Les Rubans into a novel.  The Ribbons.  The list went wild over it, and now on the list I dropped it off on in the UK it’s had 3047 reads so far.  Will be Reage redux and a smattering of Nin for the commercial market.  Going to try for Black Lace books with the novel.  If you think you squirmed at The Story of O,  The Ribbons is destined to be an erotic classic the likes the world has never seen.  I want the right home for it.  Also?  I have Heart of Clouds in mind.  The edits that will be forthcoming on that.




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