“when we slipped skins” ~ a poem #love


when we slipped skins

by Valentine Bonnaire c. June 2013 valentine@valentinebonnaire.com

our eyes closed against each other
lashes trembling, starry-eyed climax
purity in the two, spinning back time

& you and i in that bed we’d made up
all night long the sea pouring in
old salt is what i wanted to call you
salty-tongued, salted skin
our heated coupling where you dripped

or i dripped down
the honeyed pathway of all our other loves
a quickening


you were tidal in me, into the far away
into the so close, i wanted to weep
nobody else could hold me like that
all night long, all morning long, all afternoon
for you something surged


something slipped my skin, under the sleepy moon
golden disk rising here and setting there, our starry conclusions


only your skin, that shell of you
only closed eyes
only breathing, breathpoems
only something penned
in the crinkled corners of your eyes
in your poppy-footed surety,
a bunched bouquet
once in this lifetime
leige lord of the moon and sun
lamplight of my heart, lost


a meeting place of waves

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