F*cked — a proper title for a book on FEMINISM between the 2nd & 3rd Wave

A lot of things happened to the girls who were teenage, or pre-teen or even “tween” in the era of the passage of Roe v. Wade.  Why is this important now?  Because of the things we see politically.  If you think a book like this might be interesting, please leave your thoughts.  I was just listening to a great song called “Cowgirl in the Sand” and thinking about all that.

Our generation of women has been totally “F*cked” by males, on many levels.  It wasn’t something that we were expecting to have happen.  Ordinarily I write Literary Erotica, but this isn’t going to be about that.

This generation of women grew up listening to songs by guys like James Taylor and Neil Young.

I’m interested in gathering stories of women and men who lived out the era, and who were heterosexuals.



ps: this is the era I refer to… you know, the 1970’s.


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