bare undersunswept light #poem















bare undersunswept light

by valentine bonnaire c 2013/July

bare, in the glare, swept
of the sun’s bored indifferent light
you were bleached on the beach, white
my summerbrella striped, in bella heat

I loved it bearing down
what little sun shone those years
of tearing time, of tea rooms, tears
the ring on my finger
so many fears

bared span of married years
bleached photographs, barren
the light that sears
striped cabanas, sullen nearness

a seer’s gaze, the haze of fog
whole rafts of leers, the undanced years

I didn’t want his perfumed glance
I didn’t like that you looked at me, askance
it was then I decided I could dance
alone on tarry, tarried shores
you were torrid under sun no more

the breakers turned, the terns
afloat in seafouled fours, foreshortened, horrid
whore rid of all desire
all these just filaments of time, electric
filled lament, a desperate hour
three decades were no longer mine

a message in a bottle floated
sin qua nothingness of hours, sub sublime
sin qua non, a love that would be mine

before the bury, before the ferry
mustn’t we tarry?
linger long in berry bowered love
predestined message from above

I wasn’t buried on a beach
In the fog my heart did reach
Tor, rid now of salty seams
and naked in my arms of dreams
and he and I in love, it seems


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