“Midnight Suede” ~ a shoe fetish story about New York men

So I wrote the first of some stories the other day that are going to be about shoes.  This was a fetish story about a big. big executive man in New York and the kind of shoes he likes to see on women.  On the writer’s list I’m on the critiques are rolling in now.  I write for a male audience primarily so it’s always very interesting for me to see what men are saying and thinking.  The man I wrote about runs a huge business, close to Wall Street.  He sees some shoes on Madison Avenue.  Some very, very special shoes that he wants to buy for a woman he’s been dressing up.

I want you to imagine that these are inky navy suede.  I saw them that way for the story. 

He’s shaping the woman the woman in the story, so that she embodies his wildest dreams.

He wants to worship her, like a goddess.  And he has all the money in the world.  He has dinner at a restaurant in NY, a bistro, where the lunches run $500 for one.  I had him eating some very exquisite scallops that were swimming in a kind of frothed foam that was meant to emulate the sea…

There are men in New York who dress the women they idolize.  There are men in New York who dream of what women wearing these kinds of shoes will do.

I’ve decided to write a series on Suede shoes.  The next one is called “Vanilla Suede,” and I’m going to work on that today.


Valentine Bonnaire

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