#Nanowrimo day six. “Where I Laid Me DownTo Sleep” — #amwriting “Petal”

Very happy with the progress on the novel so far.  What I am writing is a cautionary tale.  It’s going to be about that tragic love in one’s twenties.  I’m trying to write this so it encompasses many things.  How a married love affair can happen, outcomes from that, and Art teacher and a student — even Vietnam comes into the picture.

I’m posting the book up over in Wattpad, and you can follow at this link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9488659-where-i-laid-me-down-to-sleep

I’m at 7477 words, as of yesterday.  It took that long to get comfortable with the POV style and the narrators.  See what you think?

So, a red rose.  That’s the symbol for true love.  The teacher has given one to my character Natasha, and she can’t help but take it seriously.

ROSACOVER:NANO:2013I know I am writing into areas that are going to be difficult for many people.  But, when doing a cautionary tale you want to make the audience learn something?  That is the tradition literary fiction writers come from.

Wish me luck and I’ll be back with an excerpt or two from today.

Looking for 2500 words, today — to catch up and also to keep going!



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