NanoCrazy Good News! Day 13 #amblogging then #amwriting my 5 STAR REVIEW comes first! #book

You really have to take Nanowrimo seriously when they say turn everything off.  Couldn’t or didn’t write yesterday — have been up since 2 am.

But there is such good NEWS for me – that I feel like this painting of Magritte’s — Castles in the AIR! Rising….

the-castle-of-the-pyrenees-1959(1)My book Gardenias was reviewed yesterday by a very kind person.

What he said?



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5.0 out of 5 stars The best since Anais Nin Nov. 12 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Not since Delta of Venus, and Little Birds, by Anais Nin have I found such an exquisite collection of erotic stories. The author weaves a spell, where we are drawn into an enchanting world of seduction. This is skillfully and artfully created through the development of plot, environment and characters. At times, we are in a stream of consciousness, seeing the world through another’s eyes. Never predictable, never repetitious — a true masterpiece.
So why I didn’t sleep was because of what an honor it was to read that?
I mean I cried for hours.
I mean.
Then I got brave and showed a lot of people.
Then I watched a documentary on Hemingway.
now I am 1667 + 1667 behind.
But I am so grateful.
So very grateful.

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