Writing EVIL and writer’s block #Nanowrimo 2013

This is what has happened in week two.  I know I am heading for the crux of the novel, which is a true story.  That’s why it’s so hard.  However?  What I am going to say will be of interest to many women.  Because they either have, or will at some point maybe come into contact with someone who was really evil.

I did.

I don’t want that to happen to anyone.  I really don’t.

Having to write his character is stopping me.  That bad.

What is evil?

In this case it was lying to a young college girl.

She did not deserve what happened to her.

Anyway, writer’s block last two days, but now the fingers are working again so onwards —————–>

The only question is?  How to humanize someone who is at the root, heartless and evil.

The next three days will be trying to.

You can follow the story so far by clicking the novel at your right — “Where I Laid Me Down To Sleep.”



Yesterday I got a comment from a writer friend who is following the story.  He gets it.  But he’s a good guy.   That is the author at 22, that you see?

A very young college girl in those days.

Where I laid me down to sleep:backstoryblownrosetalisman rose, my mother's mirrors

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