Ice cream muffins! xxoo!

Nanowrimo is over and I won.  I decided to bake something and I had seen this recipe, well — you want to try.  They were so easy and so light they were like air!

Recipe attached!

icm11Here is the how to…


I had sprinkles and fancy little paper cups… because it’s the Holidays, soon…

icm2You need one pint of good quality Ice cream — I used vanilla by McConnells…

Let that soften until it’s not all the way melted but very soft — consistency of soft-serve…


2 cups of self rising flour

I egg

2 tbsp softened butter or olive oil

I tbsp vanilla extract

Blend all together at once like this:


The batter will be very soft and cloud-like — don’t mix too much, just enough to blend…

Drop by spoonfuls into muffin cups

bake at 425 for 20-24 minutes!

(ht: betty’s kitchen in the youtubes for this recipe)

(I added the muffin cups, vanilla and sprinkles — because of the name — these are light as air– serve with butter and jam — I had strawberry!)


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