Filthy Banksters and the ultrafab BITCOIN!

I just joined a place to be paid in BITCOIN! for two of the wickedest stories ever of mine.  It’s how most people feel about the DIRTY FILTHY characters ruining everyone’s life in the world right now!

These two stories are meant to get you very hot under the collar, while at the same time arousing you and making you laugh!

I’m calling the collection “Dirty Money” and it has the stories “Washingtonian Wanks” and “Midnight Suede” in it.

I made a donation button and I’m going to see how to set up a way I can send these to you, either by email as PDF’s or as possible Kindle mobis?

Here was how I made the button!  I hope it works!

The donation button didn’t work but it’s at the top of my WordPress page to the right — you should see this!

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 1.23.34 PM I hope!

Send me an email and you will get those two stories as either a .doc or an rtf or a PDF!

I didn’t know how much the .1 of a BITCOIN WAS?


I have never been good at math so I expect the miners can help me.

xxoo! to get your stories!

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