Reviews for Gardenias by literary people…

rose:meI’ve gotten three in Amazon and I really feel Goodreads is the place to get more of those.  I’m just amazed by who is “in” Goodreads as readers.

There is a whole group of very, very literary people — the age ranges vary.  But the books don’t.

Erotica is a very big field.  Knowing what niche you fall in is a goal for 2014.  The only way to do that is to go the review circuit.

Going to upload a few more single short stories from my panoply of things.  I was archived at ERWA for many pieces as the year turned.  Very amazed by what they liked and wanted out of what ran last year.

I’ve been given a “Best of 2013,” review as well.

It really put my work into the lit realm.



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