The sexy parts for men

Unless you are a guy into BDSM, there haven’t been too many writers who write for you.  I do.  It’s one of the reasons I chose Valentine as my nom de plume.  Many people have bad associations to that word.  Others do not.

So what’s it like to hear a voice speak directly to men?

I’m going to give you a small example of that from one of my short stories “Haiku.”  It’s a three part tale, and in the first part there is the seduction scene where she bathes him.

“She led him back to the basin and guided his feet.  Warm currents rinsed him again.  The water washed something very old away from him.  Something he had been carrying for years fell aside into that water.  It was washing away like a teardrop.

Warm towels surrounded him suddenly.  She dried him slowly and with great care.  Some kind of momentary peace descended over him like a balm.  He heard the sound of silk whispering as her kimono dropped to floor.  She pressed her body into his, her breasts against his back, arms around him.

“I’m going to write you a poem,” she said, quietly.

She began at his back. She kissed him, pressing her lips gently but firmly into his warm skin. He stood listening to the sounds of the rain, and the flutes crying softly while she kissed him.  Her lips traced his every curve.  He could see them in the darkness.  Lip prints that covered every part of his body.  Every square inch of his flesh, like invisible tattoos.”

I’ve changed the cover on my book to reflect a theme that runs through it, and it looks like this:

GARDENIAS:draft2:rose:cvr:thumb  It’s available for download from Kobo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The stories I chose for this collection are all linked in terms of softness, because I want men to see that “inside” of women.  This may not be your experience in life?

So, this book will take you there, and it will take you towards LOVE.

I had a reader tell me that she wanted to find the man in the last story.

Is that man you?


Valentine Bonnaire

ps: I would love to hear from men who read the book, here in my blog — but also in reviews if you want.  Feel free to say everything.

Valentine’s day is rolling around again.  One of the reasons I picked this name is because of the Valentinians.  They go way, way back and were Gnostic Christians in their day.  They liked “Sophia” which is feminine knowledge.  And Beauty.

One thought on “The sexy parts for men

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