Erotic Fiction for your Valentine ~ Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m a woman and I can tell you what I like in a Valentine’s gift.

Flowers, preferably roses.  Especially red roses!

roses:dark Candy in the form of chocolates.  A card!  And the best is a sexy gift of lace of some sort.  This year I redesigned my classic book of literary erotica to have a cover meant for you to share with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  Guys can learn a lot about women from the book, and vice versa.  There are 21 stories in the book — just like a sampler box of candy in a sense, and all the tales are sensual and sexy.  Why not place an order for your Kindle, and if you are getting your valentine a Kindle?

You want this book!

You will find it in Amazon by clicking on the picture, and look for Valentine Bonnaire who is writing the “heart” into things…

You can win a copy of this book free, if you leave a little bit about your favorite best memory in my comments here through Valentine’s Day coming up!  I will email you a copy to share with your Valentine.

21 exquisite stories to bring some heart into your sex life…


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